I randomly ran across this article, could not help laughing and nodding in total agreement

Good: Work on cool stuff I want to work on.
Bad: There’s cheaper ways of becoming a stress addict.

Good: Hang out in an academic environment.
Bad: Hang out in an academic environment.

Good: Go to conferences and go off drinking with the ten people in the world who understand what you’re working on.
Bad: No drinking til after you present your paper.

Good: Become an expert at some narrow field of knowledge
Bad: Convince folks in the real world that you can actually do something practical with that knowledge.

Good: Put off the real world for a few years.
Bad: Realize that grad school’s still the real world, but you get paid less… or not at all.

Good: Get to put Ph.D. on your business cards.
Bad: Realizing that the people who most flaunt their Ph.D. are the incompetent ones.

But the killer is this guy. I really admire him for his rich imagination and undeniable sense of humour.

Earning a Ph.D. is similar to sex. You never know how long it’s going to take. Some people are quick; others take an eternity. Some drop out in the middle, too exhausted (or bored) to continue. Many are involved in experimentation. And the results often make them scream.