Conversation 1:

-Oh God, so much drinking and eating for the last few days. I should have put on a lot of weight.

-Good, keep doing it.


-Yeah, go to Sainsbury and get you a bottle of wine each day. You’ll be fine.



-Oh, I see, so that I’ll get too drunk and sleep for the whole day. No eating. Then I can lose some weight, right?

-Such a smart girl

Conversation 2:

-In my home country, we have this special plant. You can drink the liquid inside its stem, it’s like alcohol. And try the worms living inside as well, uhm, they are really tasty.


-Do you really eat the worms? Uhhhhhhhh, I can’t do that.

-But actually, at home we do eat silkworms.

-What? You eat worms as well. So why did you say ‘yewwwwwww’ to him?

-Well, you know, we stir fry the worms with oil, spices, lemon leaves…So they are properly cooked…And the farmers feed the worms with mulberry leaves, so they are kind of clean, and no disgusting hairs, no spikes like the other worms.

-So you eat the silkworms because they are “clean”?


Conversation 3

-You know, earlier today, I went to Mr Bill Gates Senior to say thanks to him, and guess what he said. “Thank to my son, not me”.

-But we do thank him for ‘creating’ his son, so that we could be here today.

-Actually, you should have asked him for some clues, you know, on the day…

-Oh, yeah, “Sir, actually my wife and I plan to have a kid next year. Could you blah blah blah…?